Email Marketing

You know that you need to be capturing email addresses from people to create and work with an active mailing list for your business.

You might be thinking what’s the point, are email marketing messages even relevant in this day of social media? What would I say in a message, I’m not that creative? Is it safe with all the new rules around data protection: where would I start?  The Email Marketing course is definitely for you!

Step-by-step we take you through creating an email marketing system that is going to work for you and your business. This is a crucial part of the ‘Digital Marketing Mix’ and can be hugely effective in your sales planning. Take away all the fears and worries about doing this for your business and learn how to:

  • Set up a Mailchimp account
  • Create an email list
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Create interesting content
  • Measure your results
  • Deal with GDPR
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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules