Content Creation

We hear a lot about the importance of ‘good content’ in our marketing – and that applies both online and offline.  Of course, we know that it’s obvious that good content should be important in promoting our business to our customers. 

Applying it to our own situation can be the challenging part!  What would I talk about in my business? Who will listen? Will it be expensive? I have no spare time! What’s the point anyway when there’s so much amazing content already out there on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube?!

We are here to help you with all your concerns and questions around content. You are your business, its face and voice, and by taking this course you will become confident in:

  • Understanding what your customers are looking to receive from you
  • Knowing what’s great content for your business
  • Learning the key ratios that help you get your content plan working for your business
  • Knowing where to find amazing content that will help and support your business brand and customer reach
  • Creating paid adverts for Facebook that work
  • Developing how to measure the impact of your content marketing and knowing how to improve it month on month
  • Using Google AdWords for your business
  • Celebrating success and all that makes your business uniquely yours – in a way that turns content creation in to profit!

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