Know Your Client and Create Attention-Grabbing Social Media

Who are you creating Content for?

shine-business-blog-questionsSocial Media is a great place to market you and your business but it’s also a very noisy place and for many, that can be incredibly off-putting when it comes to creating content.  Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tiktok, there’s an awful lot going on – and because we know our content has to grab people’s attention – and grab it quickly – it can often feel overwhelming to know what to say and where to say it.  And when those confidence-knocking feelings creep in, sometimes it’s just easier to leave it alone and not say anything at all.

Sound familiar?  If it does, then you are not alone.

The first step to overcome this block is to really think about who you’re talking to.  Who is your audience?  What are their challenges, their pain points and their questions?  Thinking about your client can help you speak directly to your audience and provide them with the quick win results that solves the problems or questions they might have.

When your client is sitting in your chair, what is the outcome they’re looking to achieve? As well as a lovely new hairstyle, or beautifully manicured nails, they’re probably also wanting to know what the best shampoo to use for dry hair is, or what the best hand creams are to use during the winter.

There’s no doubt that you’re probably asked multiple questions day-to-day around your subject of expertise and if we asked you to think of the top 5 things your clients ask your advice or opinion on, you could probably reel them off the top of your head and without any hesitation at all.

shine-business-client-trust-loyaltyAll these challenges and questions that you’re so easily able to answer, most definitely put your client’s mind at ease, inspires them or gives them the solution they were looking for.  These answers also give you a fantastic opportunity to create tailored content in social media and for your followers, that content will be exactly what they want to know about.  Whether you’re showing a ‘before and after’ or giving a quick tip to answer an often-repeated question, you are quietly and subtly show-casing your knowledge, your skills and your passion.  And while you’re doing this, you’ll be growing your following, instilling deeper connections with your audience and building trust that will attract your ideal clients along the way!

Do this consistently and by always keeping your client at the front of your mind, you’ll stay motivated, feel valued and your business goals will lead the way to success.


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