Back to the Salon – Reconnect with Your Business

Back to the Salon – Reconnect with YOUR Business!

I’m absolutely certain for all the Hair and Beauty businesses based in Scotland that the Scottish Government announcements providing a timeframe and route map out of Lockdown were more than just a sigh of relief: they lifted many burdens we have been carrying as business owners.

We all know logically that to come through the pandemic we need to comply with the toughest of restrictions imposed on us by the COVID laws and regulations. There is no other way. However, our minds work on an emotional level too and that is the bigger area of challenge – for us as people and business owners.

If you have had any anxious thoughts over the last few months, then you are in very good company! The important thing to know it is perfectly natural to respond this way to the unique set of circumstances we have found ourselves in over the past 12 months. Together, we can work our way through and come out stronger and more resilient.

Here are 4 key facts about running a business, especially during a crisis!

Your Business: It’s Your Baby

Anyone who has ever been self-employed will totally identify with this fact. To run your own business is first and foremost about your passion. It’s often said that people go into business for freedom, flexibility and to combine their passion for what they do with building their own business.

At the heart of this is relationship. You have relationships with your clients, suppliers, team and industry, but most of all you have a relationship with your business! It is very similar to the parent-child relationship: you birth the business, go on to protect, grow and nurture it through later stages and years of development. Like the relationships you have in your families, there are times of great joy and others of challenge. But you connect with the business at a much deeper level than you ever would in an employed role. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal to really miss your business when you are apart from it! Particularly when you have been separated through no choice of your own. YOU are your business – it is part of you – part of your identity.

Your Business: It’s Demanding

Running a business is rarely a 9-5 job. As someone who was born and brought up in a family business – nearly 50 years of being in that environment – I know first-hand the sacrifices that are made by business owner to keep everything going. With the privilege of flexibility in how and when we work, comes sacrifice at other times. And it’s not just our sacrifice; it will generally be that of our families too. So, the nights you have to stay late, the weekends working on admin, the bank holidays not taken and the constant messaging while you are at home is part of business owner life. In part it is what drives us and makes the business successful. We just have to watch out for how we manage these boundaries and look at finding balance in work and family life. Plus, self-care. Oh yes, self-care is vitally important, and it’s actually one of the biggest investments you can make in your business as the owner!

Your Business: It can be Isolating

There are often things about the business you will find hard to share, either with your team, or with your family and friends. It’s not because you don’t trust them. In fact, it’s usually that you trust them completely. However, as business owners we can be a little bit self-conscious sometimes and not want to admit that we are feeling overwhelmed…worried…scared, or to have to try and explain why we are feeling anxious or down about something. Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves! It’s that bottling up of emotions that can block our minds and cause us to feel flat and lacking in energy and motivation. These often can make us feel guilty – “Why am I feeling like this? I shouldn’t be feeling like this. Others are having a much worse time than me.” – “I thought I was on track, but this week I don’t know what’s wrong.” Because we often don’t know what’s ‘wrong’ ourselves, we tend to not open up to our families and friends when they ask. How many times have I said to myself: “Everything’s fine.” or “They wouldn’t understand. They don’t know what it FEELS like to run a business.”

Accept your emotions. They are not you.  They are just something you are going through, and it does pass. Reach out and speak to others who run a business.  They know exactly what you are going through, especially what it feels like. This is a major part of who we are in the Shine Business community: it’s our heart to connect with you!

Your Business: Time to Reconnect!

In the same way as when someone you love, someone close to you, has been away somewhere for any length of time – you miss them! You look forward to the day they will return and you will be together again. You can’t wait to catch up, find out how they are, how things have been for them, what’s been happening with you and what you will plan together.

It’s the same for you and your business! You might feel wee bits of apprehension, anxiety, wobbles in confidence and a bit of concern about what the future looks like, but now is the time to reach out and take action. It’s time for attention, time to focus on what the business needs from you to get back to its ‘best self’ and what you need from the business to reconnect and restore all that you love about running it. Taking small and consistent steps to reconnect is the way to go. We are excited to be on that journey with you and look forward to supporting you all the way!

Oh, and we urgently need booking in for our treatments – that is most definitely a priority for us here at Shine HQ!!!

Need help to reconnect with your business?


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